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Jookin University

The Jook Book Live | Begins 4.5.21 | 2hrs                                                               Join us in a monthly analysis and creative development session experimenting with the basics of Memphis Jookin. Witness materials made from The Jook that helped form the foundation of how Jookin is taught today versus its origin. If you're interested in teaching Jookin like a professor on and off the dancefloor, this is your class.

Certification C. The Jook Book Live

Receive 25% University Certification eligibility for completing Bounce Note Boot Camp, attending at least 8 classes, asking questions in class. Create your own lesson from The Jook to put in  your Jookin University Portfolio [Google Drive Required]


LABN ONLINE Dance Community [Live Video Lesson Vault]

Welcome to the world of LABN 2G and Beyond. Learn Memphis Jookin from experts using their uniquely designed dance course that accelerates your ability to perform freestyle dance combinations.

Join in on our 152- part journey through the varieties of rhythmic patterns and motion possibilities that we call G-Rhythms.  


LABN 4G | Season 1 | Live on Zoom | 7-10pm CST

Begins 2.11.21 thru 4.29.21

Subscribe today to join the Official LABN Online Dance Community where you can catch up on current LABN episodes you missed and join with others online to exercise dance culture with us. Start your own crew and dominate the community or watch and learn from up and coming stars of street dance.

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You get the 90-Day VIP Coaching Program, don't you?  So you get:

   -the regular comments and praise from the Founders everywhere we are connected.

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Certification D. LABN ONLINE

Receive 20% University Certification eligibility for, Attending/Participating in 12 classes over 12 months as well as asking questions in class OR watching 24 full episodes of LABN in the Live Community Vault. You must compete in at least one LABN Dance Battle Royale. There aren't many so no time for the fear of losing.


Toe Stalls 1.0 Live Training | Begins 3.6.21 | 12-month Training 

In Toe Stalls 1.0 Live, get fit with Jookin DP & Lil P once a month to gain an understanding and better discipline for our exercises to increase your lower body stamina and core strength. 

Includes LIVE Participation / Q &A


In Toe Stalls 101, learn the stretching techniques of the upper and lower back to help straighten the back, preparing you to balance yourself on your toes. Memphis Jookin is a form of ballet but the 5 Classical Ballet positions require form, strength, and balance. These exercises are the path to gaining that strength. Even though what we do is known as street dance, we still must take care of ourselves daily. Hip Hop dance tutorials for styles like Jookin, as well as Ballet dance lessons, can be performed much easier when you stretch.


In Toe Stalls 102, learn the "hood" made techniques of Memphis Jookin's legends of the last 20 years. We always experimented with ways to stay on our toes for as long as possible with no assistance. Before we accomplished such feats, we made a way to build form while moving on our toes. Toe stalls are not usually taught in-depth with most Hip Hop dance tutorials, but our street dance lessons aim to make you the best and keep you at your best.

v2.5 Buckjump Fitness | 30 min.

Using the power of buckjumps we finish off class with some buckjump cadences the will get the heart going. We will style up your buckjumps to get right with your body. Repitition is the key to understanding and discipline.

*Toe Stalls 1.0 discontinues after 12 months, but access and all recordings will be available to members. When Live Classes reboot, previous (VIP) members will be welcome to join again.

Certification E. TOE STALLS 1.0

Receive 5% University Certification eligibility for attending 6 classes and viewing at least 12 classes in the Toe Stall 1.0 Live Vault. Create a video of you performing a Double Toe Stall in tennis shoes for 30 seconds without losing balance. Insert the video into your University Portfolio.


If you're interested in teaching Jookin like a professor on and off the dancefloor, this is your class.

About The Jook Book Live Courses:

In the first installment of the Jook Book, written  in 2010, the foundations of the Jookin artistic movement are explained from the perspective of style veteran and cultural legend Daniel Price. Daniel defined and refined the cultural vocabulary of the dance with his cultural colleagues to write The Jook. In this book, you will be exposed to the followingin  live courses for a few years:


  • Origins of Hip Hop Dance
  • When MJ Did The Moonwalk
  • Origins of the G-Style

Chapter 1: The Rhythm of Memphis Urban Dance

  • The Move vs. The Motion
  • Buckin’
  • Traditional Jookin’
  • Choppin
  • The Melting Pot Effect
  • Bounce Notes
  • Half Bounce
  • Quarter Bounce
  • Octo Bounce
  • Double Octo Bounce
  • Creativity & The Bounce

Chapter 2: Bounce Therapy

  • Coordination & Balance
  • Head & Shoulders Expression
  • Head Motion
  • Head Lock
  • Neck Roll
  • Neck Throw
  • Turtle Neck
  • Coordination & Balance
  • Head & Shoulders Expression
  • Head Motion
  • Head Lock
  • Neck Roll
  • Neck Throw
  • Turtle Neck
  • Shoulder Motion
  • Why
  • Collar Throw
  • Shoulder Roll
  • Shoulder Turn
  • Double Shoulder Drop
  • Single Shoulder Drop
  • Wings & Strings
  • Ballet Positions (Arms)
  • Wings: Balanced Jookin
  • Wings Positions
  • Strings: Puppet Jookin’
  • Pointers
  • Claws
  • Palms
  • Wings Create The Strings

Chapter 3: The Revelation of Memphis Jookin

  • Stepping Ahead 
  • Leg Work
  • Knees
  • Plie: Ballet Vs. Jookin
  • Hips
  • Ankles
  • Toes
  • Foot Notes
  • Ballet Positions
  • GEARS: Moving Clocks
  • GEARS: Foot Notes
  • Whole Notes
  • Half Steps
  • Basic L-Step Positions
  • Stances
  • Buckump 101: The Origins of Memphis Urban Dance
  • Walksteps
  • Buckjumps
  • Rhythmic Mobility: Kickstands & Pacmans
  • Kickstands
  • Elevated Dancefloor
  • The Pacman
  • One Foot Pacman x2
  • Two Foot Pacman x2
  • Toe & Heel
  • Under The Bridge
  • Swivel
  • Heel Throw
  • Cross Swivel
  • About Swivels
  • Push &Pull
  • Push Toe
  • Pull Toe
  • Heel Push
  • Heel Pull
  • The Slide Step
  • Toe & Heel Integration: Swivel
  • Steps
  • “S” Motion
  • The Surfboard
  • G-Nerd’s Heel Connector
  • DP Crossover Heel Swivel
  • Under Bridges
  • Under Bridge Pass
  • Under Bridge Cross
  • Classic Slides
  • Sidestep Pushtoe Slide
  • Frontstep Pushtoe Slide
  • Backstep Pushtoe Slide
  • Criss Cross Slides
  • Front Criss Cross Slide
  • Back Criss Cross Slide

The Evolution Of Memphis Urban Dance: Axis Formation

  • Glide Steps
  • 90* Quarter Glide Step
  • 180* Half Glide Step
  • 270* Three Quarter Glide Step
  • 360* Whole Glide Step
  • Introduction to Icing
  • Whips