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Jook Fitness | Get Fit For Jookin: Flexibility & Balance [LIVE]


DxP Jook Fitness Toe Stalls 101 & 102

Join us live on Zoom every month to learn the stretching techniques of the upper and lower body to help straighten the back, preparing you to balance yourself on your toes.

Critiques, consultations and participation review available on-demand at no charge during class. Limited opportunities per hour.


>>>> | Live Training | Begins 3.6.21 | 12-month Training | <<<<


[In Toe Stalls 1.0 Live,  get fit with Jookin DP & Lil P once a month to gain an understanding and better discipline for our exercises to increase your lower body stamina and core strength. Includes LIVE Participation / Q &A.]

>>> | Flexibility 

[In Toe Stalls 101, learn the stretching techniques of the upper and lower back to help straighten the back, preparing you to balance yourself on your toes. Memphis Jookin is a form of ballet but the 5 Classical Ballet positions require form, strength, and balance. These exercises are the path to gaining that strength. Even though what we do is known as street dance, we still must take care of ourselves daily. Hip Hop dance tutorials for styles like Jookin, as well as Ballet dance lessons, can be performed much easier when you stretch.]


Yoga helps to find weak points in the core of the body. It also helps to build strength in those areas. Join us live to discover how everything is built from the core.

>>>> | Balance 

 [ In Toe Stalls 102, learn the "hood" made techniques of Memphis Jookin's legends of the last 20 years. We always experimented with ways to stay on our toes for as long as possible with no assistance. Before we accomplished such feats, we made a way to build form while moving on our toes. Toe stalls are not usually taught in-depth with most Hip Hop dance tutorials, but our street dance lessons aim to make you the best and keep you at your best.]-

>>>>>>Buckjump Fitness

Learn the basic and advanced Buckjumps and how they can keep your stamina growing as you become a better Jooker.


| Fitness Certification E.

TOE STALLS 1.0 LIVE  | >>>

[ Receive 5% University Certification eligibility for attending 6 classes and viewing at least 12 classes in the Toe Stall 1.0 Live Vault. Create a video of you performing a Double Toe Stall in tennis shoes for 30 seconds without losing balance. Insert the video into your University Portfolio. [Google Drive Required] ]